Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Better Late then Never!! My time at El Carnaval De Aguilas!!!

Hello World!!!

I apologize for not keeping you all updated in my travel experience, but I lost track of time and to be honest I completely forgot to do this. Anyways, I just wanted to let you all know that I am loving my time in Murcia! I have made so many good friends here from Mexico, Italy, South Korea, and France! Classes are also going very well. I also like my teachers and I am finally understanding their accent a little better, because the struggle was real. Living in Murcia is very comfortable and safe so if you get the chance to travel to Spain definitely stay in Murcia for a day or two.

I want to speak about my first travel experience with Erasmus Student Network (ESN). First of all, ESN is a group/organization that helps Erasmus students (Erasmus students are basically international students from all over Europe, even though I'm not Erasmus they still classify me as one because I am international) get accustomed to life in Spain. ESN organizes trips to different places in Spain. During February, ESN had organized the trip to El Carnaval De Aguilas. We left around 4 p.m. and arrived in Aguilas around 6 p.m. It was very fun because everybody was wearing a custom, since it is traditional for the Carnival De Aguilas.
 I was dressed as a cat or leopard. 

They had a lot of different music and different carnival decorated cars with different themes. Some were themed Disney, Star Wars, etc. It was very fun, and very tiring because I had heels on so my feet were not having as much fun. Regardless of that, I had an unforgettable experience at Aguilas. I loved spending time with all my friends, and showing off my dance moves with different people (although my dance moves aren't very impressive at all). I also tried to learn how to dance zamba, but I still need more practice because the Brazilian people we met are amazing at it. I strongly recommend that you go to the Carnival de Aguilas because it was amazing! The pageant queen was there and she gave a beautiful speech about her pride in her country and the small town of Aguilas. It was beautiful and really worth going with your friends and family.
Dragon Ball Z in Spain??? What??!!! I was so happy to see Freeza in Spain, all I was missing was Goku but that's okay. It takes a lot of responsibility for someone to dress up as a great super saiyan like Goku. Anyways I will close this up with my nerdy comment, and please feel free to leave any comments. Until next time!!!

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